Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas: 17 Recipes For The Dinner Menu

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and for those of you who have been tasked to make everything besides the turkey, make sure you bring your A-game to the table.

The turkey may be the wedding cake of Thanksgiving dinner, but this doesn't mean side dishes, appetizers and dessert don't deserve any attention. While the dinner host often makes their own cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and dessert on top of the main feast, why not volunteer your services to help out this year — trust us, they will be thankful.

We've collected 17 of our favourite Thanksgiving side dishes, desserts and cocktails, including everything from vegetarian-friendly salads (read: entrees) to kid-friendly appetizers that won't make a mess. Send us your favourite Thanksgiving dinner recipes in the comments below!

The Best Thanksgiving Dinner Options