10/07/2014 09:28 EDT | Updated 10/07/2014 09:59 EDT

Toronto's Best Food: Our Readers Pick Their Favourites

The beautiful thing about lists is that everyone has an opinion about them.

And frankly, with eating basically a universal pastime for the denizens of Toronto, there are tons of places to indulge. So of course Torontonians wanted to speak up when it came to talking about the city's "must eats."

After we published our story on the city's quintessential foods in August, we were reminded and chided about the places we'd missed, or even spots we didn't know about entirely (it's a big city, guys, it's bound to happen).

So check out some recommendations from our well-fed eaters in the video above, and oh yes, be sure to tell us all of the other places we missed. After all, if you're creating a Toronto food bucket list, you may as well make sure it's complete.

Check out our original list here:

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