10/08/2014 09:32 EDT | Updated 12/08/2014 05:59 EST

ISIS votes, ISIS threats and our crumbling Commons on Wednesdays with @Kady

This week on our weekly Wednesdays with Kady live chat: ISIS votes, ISIS threats and a new report suggesting the House of Commons is falling apart — literally.

- The Harper government could have expected the vote on Canada's combat mission to fight ISIS would pass easily, thanks to its majority. Public opinion too favoured a military deployment. But Conservative ministers claimed to be disappointed that both the NDP and the Liberals wouldn't rally to form a consensus around the need for Canada's military response. What will be the longer-term political consequences of how last night's vote went down?

- Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney joins RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson and CSIS director Michael Coulombe at the House of Commons public safety committee this afternoon to talk about potential domestic threats from the extremist group ISIS. Over the summer, MP Wayne Easter asked for a parliamentary inquiry after a report showed authorities knew 130 Canadians had been recruited to join the fight abroad, and 80 had returned to Canada, posing an uncertain security threat. The government isn't saying much, citing security concerns. What do Canadians need to know about the potential threat?

- A new report from the public works department suggests that crumbling brickwork and loose window glass in the House of Commons pose a "potentially catastrophic," life-threatening risk to members of Parliament and others who work on or visit Parliament Hill. With a mega-million dollar renovation project underway for years on the heritage buildings, how could this have happened? Veteran reporter Dean Beeby, our Hill bureau's newest recruit, joins us to discuss his debut story for

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