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You Talking To Me? A Definitive Ranking Of Robert De Niro's Iconic One-Liner

Nearly 40 years have passed since the release of Martin Scorsese's crime drama "Taxi Driver." Over the years, the film and its cast have gone on to win plenty of awards, but the film's greatest legacy isn't how much hardware it's racked up: it's one simple question:

"You talkin' to me?"

It's hard to imagine how four simple words wound up on the American Film Institute's list of history's 100 greatest movie quotes, but pair it with Robert De Niro's stone-cold delivery and you've got one of Hollywood's most quotable moments. It's a line that will instantly turn anyone into a tough guy (or girl).

We decided to rank 10 memorable takes on De Niro's classic one-liner. And for an added bonus, check out the video above for what happens when James Franco reimagines "Taxi Driver" as a black-and-white silent flick.

10. That Time Toyota Wanted To Make Their Trucks Tough

Pickup trucks, by definition, are tough. The guys in this commercial? Not so much.

9. When Zac Efron and Seth Rogen Faced Off In "Neighbors"

Nice try, Zac Efron. You may have De Niro's fauxhawk going on but we've seen you in "High School Musical" and right now you're more irritating than intimidating.

8. When Trevor Moore Had To Kill A Pony In "The Whitest Kids You Know"

Having to put down a beloved family pet? That's always a tough call. Making your daughter watch to make sound effects ... that's a bad call.

7. Marty McFly Goes Back In Time ... Again Via "Back To The Future III"

Few are as quick on their feet like Marty McFly, but tough? The jury's still out on that one. The fact that he's in a onesie from the 1880s isn't helping his cause either.

6. "Wrestlemania XXI" ... Enough Said.

Wrestlemania is kind of like prom: guys and girls get dressed up in colourful outfits for a themed night. In the case of "Wrestlemania XXI," it was "Wrestlemania Goes To Hollywood," a.k.a. some of wrestling's toughest men and women pulling off (or failing) at their best Travis Bickle impression.

5. Kramer vs. "Street Toughs" On "Seinfeld"

Sometimes when you've left your sleeve gun at home, all you need to do is stand tall and make a big scene. Stealing an armoire also helps.

4. "The Adventures Of Rocky And Bullwinkle"'s Tip Of The Hat

Points to De Niro for an easter egg to one of cinema's most violent films ... in a live-action movie for a beloved children's cartoon.

3. A New Hope Via "Hey Arnold!"

Even as a kid, "you talking to me?" was something you'd practice in front of a mirror before your next fight. After getting mugged, Nickelodeon's "Football-Head" became the entry point for a new generation into Travis Bickle.

2. Genie's You Looking At Me From "Aladdin"

Okay, so Robin William's Genie doesn't exactly say those four magic words, but his delivery is on-point.

The Notorious P.I.G. From "The Lion King"

Let this be a lesson to you: Never mess with Pumba, or as he'll have you call him, "Mr. Pig."

Did we miss any moments? Let us know in the comments below.

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