10/08/2014 09:03 EDT | Updated 12/08/2014 05:59 EST

Sherbrooke police to monitor drunk students on buses

Sherbrooke police are stepping in to make sure college students behave on public buses.

Around thirty bus drivers complained to the municipal council this week that inebriated students continue to disrupt bus routes.

They say Thursday evenings are the worst, especially heading from downtown back towards the UniversitédeSherbrooke campus.

“There are students who try to take alcohol inside the vehicles. They are also insulting,” said Yves Houle, president of the bus drivers' union.

The president of Sherbrooke's public transport corporation says police officers will now follow buses and monitor stops, though it will be only a temporary measure. 

"We want to talk to the students, we want to talk with the university, and we'll have a committee, and we'll try to find a solution together to that problem," said Sherbrooke city councillor Bruno Vachon. 

The Université de Sherbrooke​'s student federation says it is favourable to any measure that improves safety.

However, a previous attempt to solve the problem didn't go over well.

Last year, bus drivers refused to pick up groups of inebriated students.

They had to abandon that measure a week later after students protested.