10/09/2014 12:26 EDT | Updated 10/09/2014 12:59 EDT

Apple Crisp Recipe: How To Turn Your Produce Into Dessert


Apple picking season is in fully upon us, and it's hard to resist the temptation of bringing home the sacks and sacks of apples you victoriously claimed from the trees. So we say, do it — and then go home and bake some serious apple crisp.

The pleasure of apple crisp lies in both its use of the season's bounty, and its ever-so-slight association with health. After all, if there are tons of apples in a recipe, it can't possibly be that bad for you, right? (In fact, estimates 281 calories in a serving of homemade apple crisp, so there goes that theory out the window.)

But truly, you scarcely need a reason to bake apple crisp. Have it on hand for Thanksgiving or just if company stops by. It's a delicious treat that tastes even better with hard-won, freshly picked apples.

Check out these 15 recipe options for apple crisp:

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