10/09/2014 06:55 EDT | Updated 12/09/2014 05:59 EST

Canada Post's Finances Should Receive Auditor General Report: NDP

Canadian Union of Postal Workers members picket in front of a the main post office on Graham Avenue in Winnipeg, Canada on Friday June 3, 2011. Winnipeg's postal workers will continue to walk the picket lines as their union representatives meet with senior Canada Post management officials later Friday. (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Trevor Hagan)
OTTAWA - The NDP wants auditor general Michael Ferguson to produce a report into Canada Post's financial situation.

MP Alain Giguere is calling on Ferguson to bring forward the report by five years.

In theory, the auditor general tables such a document every 10 years.

The last one on Canada Post was five years ago, but the NDP believes the situation is urgent enough to warrant another one right away.

Giguere, whose constituents in his Marc-Aurele-Fortin riding no longer get home delivery, said Canada Post is currently making "major changes" and justifying them because of the precariousness of its finances.

"Five years ago, he (the auditor general) issued a report," Giguere said. "It was an excellent report in which he said Canada Post mentioned a considerable drop in the amount of mail but that it had an investment plan in the works," he said.

Canada Post has increased the price of stamps in the past few months and announced the future disappearance of home delivery.


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