10/08/2014 10:10 EDT | Updated 12/09/2014 00:59 EST

Gregor Robertson Unveils Vision Vancouver Affordability Plan

Vancouver mayoral candidate Gregor Robertson has unveiled Vision Vancouver's plan to make the city more affordable, as campaigning continues ahead of November's municipal election.

Announcing his Affordability Agenda on Tuesday morning, Robertson pledged to provide more three-bedroom homes for locals, more daycare spaces, and free swimming lessons for young children.

Robertson, who is currently Mayor of Vancouver, told reporters affordability is a 'key challenge' in Vancouver and said the number of people flocking to the city from all over the world is driving prices upwards.

"Our new commitments today are critical pieces of our continuing work to make life more affordable for all Vancouver families," said Robertson, in an accompanying press release.

The Vision Vancouver platform includes:

- Building 4,000 new rental housing units over four years

- Ensuring new housing developments include at least 35 per cent family housing

- Enabling the Affordable Housing Agency to use city-owned land for new housing

- Creating 1,000 new child care spaces

- Providing free children’s beginner swimming lessons

"With Vision, we are moving forward by ensuring that Vancouver families have access to more affordable housing, supportive and safe out-of-school child care, and recreation opportunities for their kids," said Robertson.


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