10/09/2014 11:56 EDT | Updated 12/09/2014 05:59 EST

Where are the girls? Youngster asks of Dick's Sporting Goods catalogue

A 12-year-old girl is winning support online after she questioned a sporting goods catalogue over its infrequent use of women in a recent publication.

McKenna Peterson lives in Phoenix but grew up in Regina. Her family moved to Arizona two years ago where McKenna is an avid basketball player.

She wrote to Dick's Sporting Goods this week about their Basketball 2014 catalogue, questioning why so few women appeared on its pages.

"There are NO girls in the catalog," she wrote, although she immediately corrected herself by noting there was one image of a woman — as an observer sitting in the stands at a men's game.

"And there are some cheerleaders on some coupons," she added.

Peterson's letter went on to talk about the value in the equal portrayal of men and women in sport.

"It's hard enough for girls to break through in this sport [basketball] as it is, without you guys excluding us from your catalog," she wrote. "Girls buy stuff from your store."

When her father, Chris Peterson, posted her letter to his Twitter account, it caught the attention of many who expressed support for what she was trying to do.

"Hey bro, your daughter is the truth," ShawnPaulWood said in a retweet.

"Way to say it, McKenna," added Pamela Galowich.

"I'm blown away with the reaction," her father Chris Peterson told CBC News Thursday. "I posted it [the letter] for my friends. And now people from all over the world are talking about how smart she is."

He said McKenna feels good about the reaction she has been getting.

"She doesn't understand how Twitter works but I showed her the comments and she's proud," he said.

He also noted how, when the family lived in Regina, McKenna played in the Regina Community Basketball League.

"In Regina she played in an all-girls league," he said. "Here she has to play with the boys."

Peterson says that has given her good experience and understanding of how women are treated differently in the sporting world.

Company responds

The company responded to the letter Thursday night, thanking McKenna for her observations and acknowledging that she had a point.

"We have taken your comments to heart and are currently reviewing our catalog process so we can do a better job in the future," the company's letter, from a customer service representative named Kayla, said.

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