10/10/2014 11:31 EDT | Updated 10/10/2014 11:59 EDT

Indian Doctors Pull Live Cricket From Man's Ear (VIDEO)

It went from an itch to a live wriggly insect in a matter of minutes.

Doctors in India pulled a live three-inch cricket from the ear of an unidentified man who had been complaining about an itch, according to the Daily Mail.

As the paper reports, experts believe the cricket may have crawled into the patient's ear in search for shelter during the day.

"It is likely this cricket crawled into the man's ear while he was sleeping and was just hiding there until night came around," Michael Sweet, lecturer at the University of Derby told The Daily Star U.K.

The stomach-turning video, which shows the insect being removed, was believed to be filmed at the South Zone ENT Research Centre in Villupuram, Tamil Nadu, India. The original video, which has been around since 2013, shows the entire three-minute process in detail.

How did the doctors actually remove it? Watch the video above to find out. And warning, the video is pretty graphic.


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