10/10/2014 10:48 EDT | Updated 10/10/2014 10:59 EDT

Vaginal Orgasm And G-Spot Are Myths: Study

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Turns out the vaginal orgasm -- and even the G-spot, to get more specific -- have never existed, according to a new study.

New research published in the Clinical Anatomy journal On Monday has found the majority of women around the world do not orgasm internally during sexual intercourse, and the "vaginal orgasm" does not exist altogether. The G-spot, which has long been reported to be a highly sensitive area inside the vagina that can also lead to orgasm, is also apparently a myth.

The point of the study was specifically to ensure going forward, sexual medicine experts, sexologists and even psychologists use the scientific term “female orgasm” (as opposed to "vaginal orgasm"), so women who are not able to have vaginal orgasms do not feel abnormal or inferior. They also took issue with the term "female ejaculation" for similar reasons.

Orgasms, said the study, come from the clitoris, a small, highly sensitive and erect part of the female genitals that sits right at the top of the vulva. "The 'vaginal' orgasm that some women report is always caused by the surrounding erectile organs (triggers of female orgasm)," researchers Vincenzo Puppo and Giulia Puppo said in the abstract.

“The clitoris was always thought to be pivotal to any kind of female orgasm and I’m not at all surprised that that, and the two ‘legs’ of erectile tissue, turn out to influence all orgasms," sex expert Tracey Cox told the Huffington Post U.K..

However, other studies still conclude the vaginal orgasm does in fact exist for some women, and one study notes women who experience vaginal orgasms had lower resting heart rates than ones who didn't, according to Live Science.

But as researchers Puppo and Puppo in this new study have concluded, just because these types of orgasms don't exist as we've previously understood them, it doesn't mean women (alone or with their partners) can't enjoy an orgasm.

"Female orgasm is possible in all women, always with effective stimulation of the female erectile organs, e.g. the female penis, during masturbation, cunnilingus (oral sex), partner masturbation, and also during vaginal/anal intercourse simply by stimulating the clitoris with a finger."


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