10/10/2014 10:31 EDT | Updated 12/10/2014 05:59 EST

Verdun beaver trapping 'cruel' says city councillor Sterling Downey

Verdun’s solution to an overflowing beaver population is to hire trappers to move — and sometimes kill, according to a city councillor — bothersome beavers.

Now city councillor Sterling Downey is calling on the borough to stop hiring trappers and look for more animal-friendly solutions to wrangle the beavers.

"Catching and killing beavers is cruel and really damages biodiversity," Downey said in a news release.

"On top of that, capturing and moving beavers is not a permanent solution to managing the urban beaver overpopulation," he continued.

He said Nuns’ Island residents are upset about beavers causing damage to the area.

He said urban wildlife is an issue all over the island of Montreal, and that the boroughs and city need to find better solutions for managing it.