10/11/2014 12:23 EDT | Updated 12/11/2014 05:59 EST

Old Montreal cobblestone street patched with asphalt

Montrealers are used to construction projects in and around city.

Now tourists are getting a taste of it in Old Montreal.

The cobblestone on St-Paul Street has been damaged ahead of upcoming work in the area, and the asphalt that road crews put in its place is leaving tourists with a bad impression of the city.

“The asphalt patching seems kind of careless. It's as if they can't afford to fix the streets properly,” said Patrick Bachelor, a tourist from Chicago.

The asphalt in the cobblestone street stretches for almost two blocks.

"It is very ugly and it really ruins the landscape," said Valérie Amyot from Lyon, France.

The roadwork is preparation ahead of a major Gaz Métro project set to start in 2016, but there’s no way for tourists to know that.

That kind of negative attention has irritated Mayor Denis Coderre who took to social media to call the patchwork “unacceptable” and has asked for it to be fixed so that it at least matches the cobblestone.

“There’s such a charm to Montreal and the cobblestones are part of it. so when you diminish it with the asphalt it’s a bit disappointing for a tourist,” said Bachelor.  

The mayor has asked the cosmetic work be done in two weeks at the latest.