10/11/2014 03:10 EDT | Updated 12/11/2014 05:59 EST

World Girls' Hockey Weekend underway across Canada

There might be a lot going on in the NHL today, but that's not the only story in hockey this weekend. October 11-12 marks the fourth annual World Girls' Hockey Weekend.

It's an initiative started by the International Ice Hockey Federation in order to promote and introduce the sport to girls. Of course Canada has it's own unique way of celebrating. The puck dropped at 9:30 a.m. NT in Stephenville, N.L., to start a 15-hour game. 

You read that right. It's called the Long Game and involves 2,000 players on 98 teams playing 49 games across five divisions. Teams across the country are divided into either the White or Red team, with the score carrying over from arena to arena. 

Many supporters of the event promoted it on Twitter, emphasizing it's importance in getting young women more involved in the sport.

Several of Canada's Olympic gold-medal winning women's team showed the event some love.

They weren't the only ones to show their support. Parents across the country are tweeting game results and encouragement. This signals how successful the event has been in engaging a new generation of girls in Canada's favourite pastime.