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Thanksgiving Turkey Leftover Recipes: 8 Ways To Re-Invent Your Favourite Fall Meal

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Happy Thanksgiving!

After sitting down for your favourite festive fall meal, you may find yourself overwhelmed by a large amount of turkey leftovers. Never fear! Just remember: you're not alone.

But before you gobble up what's left in the fridge, here are some creative turkey (or tofurkey) recipes to get you through the next few days.

For when you're looking for a light lunch...

Turkey Soup

Think chicken noodle soup tastes like home? Why not try turkey noodle soup instead! Chop up some turkey breast into small pieces and add the bones to a soup broth to maximize the flavour. Then add some peas, carrots, onions, rice and noodles for a delicious side dish that leaves the leftover guilt behind.

For when you're in the mood for a Ross Geller "Moist Maker" sandwich...

Turkey Sandwich

Whether you use a "moist maker" (see: "Friends"-inspired extra slice of bread, drenched in gravy), or opt for a hot sandwich, there's nothing like a day-after-Thanksgiving meal. Want to slap on some cranberries or add in a piece or two of stuffing? Feel free! There are no rules in the sandwich realm — all you need is at least one piece of bread.

For when you're ready to get baked...

Turkey Pot Pie

This recipe may take some time, but it will be worth the wait. reader Tamara Furda suggests using stuffing for the pot pie crust, but it's not essential to get that literal. Use your leftovers (don't forget the peas!), and bake them all together to mesh the different tastes.

For when you're hungry for a little spice...

Turkey Fajitas / Turkey Tacos

Turkey. Salsa. Sauteed Vegetables. Tortillas. Tacos. Cheese. Can't miss.

For when you want some turkey on the side...

Whether it's kale, coleslaw, or iceberg lettuce, a little turkey can go a long way to revitalize your typical side salad.

For when you're about to watch the big game...

Turkey Chili

He shoots, he scores! Why not curl up with some comfort food while watching Canada's game? To start, place some turkey in a large-sized pot, and cook it on the stove in a medium heat. Let it simmer, then add some kidney beans, onions, spices, chili powder and garlic. Before you know it, you'll be chowing down!

For when you're hungry for a next-day crowdpleaser...

Turkey Casserole

You can't go wrong with a casserole. Rachael Ray has a great recipe for a Turkey, Mushroom and Corn Mexican Casserole, but if that's not your thing, you could always take a walk on the wild (rice) side, or try one of these 18 different options. The point? Have fun, and be flexible!

For when you're feeling creative...

Turkey Lasagna

With layers of noodles, cheese and vegetables, this recipe by chef Mary Payne Moran will help transform your turkey into a long-lasting meal that only gets better with age.


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