10/13/2014 09:40 EDT | Updated 12/13/2014 05:59 EST

TTC streetcar service returns to Queen's Quay

Streetcars are back in service on the Queen's Quay after a nearly two-year hiatus. 

Noticeable progress is being made on the waterfront revitalization project as the 509 Harbourfont and 510 Spadina cars are back on track along the waterfront thoroughfare. 

"We're getting closer and closer to being finished," said Andrew Hilton, director of communications and marketing for Waterfront Toronto. "I think the street car is one of the most obvious signs that the project is on schedule and we're moving ahead." 

The revitalization project began in 2012 and is meant to turn Queen's Quay into a more pedestrian-friendly area. 

"This is a street that was meant for people, and that means a sidewalk that is three times the size it was," Hilton said. 

Most of the TTC construction in the area was done to accommodate ticket vending machines and the new low-riding streetcars. 

Waterfront Toronto estimates the revitalization project will cost $150 million and is slated for completion in spring 2015. 

Store owner Gary Li says the upheaval has impacted his business, but says he plans to wait out the construction. 

"My store is isolated, so it's hard for business," he said. "It's getting better but we are still suffering."