10/14/2014 06:50 EDT | Updated 10/15/2014 08:59 EDT

Deadmau5 To Marineland: 'Lose The F***ing Animals'


Deadmau5 is calling for an end to animal captivity at Marineland Canada in the most Deadmau5 way possible.

The Niagara Falls-born EDM artist (real name Joel Zimmerman) penned a strongly-worded rant on his Tumblr page yesterday, telling the marine park to "lose the fucking animals" even if it means they take a financial hit.

From Deadmau5's post, titled "Deer Marineland":

"... Look at what you have to gain? You'd win the entire EVERYTHING if you released a statement promising the closure of your animal pens and aquariums. That 'good guy' PR would reach worldwide fuckin' acclaim ... shit, even SeaWorld (who aren't any fucking better by a longshot) would be like … ‘OH SNAP’ and probably [force] them into action."

Deadmau5 goes on to say, "Believe me, if I had the kind of money you'd want to buy your shit operation out, I'd do it myself in a heartbeat ... and I'm probably not far off, so you might wanna hop on this shit."

He later told the Niagara Falls-Review he was serious about raising enough money to buy Marineland out of its facility and turn it into a theme park without animals.

Marineland did not return the paper's request for a comment.

Deadmau5's rant came as activists held a yearly Thanksgiving protest at the park, which is now closed until May.

Last year, Ontario said it would strengthen enforcement of animal welfare laws by regularly inspecting zoos and aquariums to ensure they were healthy and safe.

But even if protests don't manage to shut down facilities like Marineland, there are other signs that activism is affecting their profits.

SeaWorld's stock took a dive of 31 per cent this year amidst bad publicity around how its animals are treated.

The 2013 documentary "Blackfish" provided an inside look at how whales are treated in captivity.

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