Indian Food: 17 Commonly Mispronounced Dishes

The next time you hit up an Indian restaurant or call in for takeout, here's how to sound like a pro.

Pronouncing some of these dishes (unless of course, you're Indian) can seem like a mouthful, but when you actually break down each of these words by syllable, it's not that difficult.

If you're not too familiar with Indian cuisine, there are some good reasons to consider it. Studies have shown spices used in curries, for example, can help lower hypertension, and help kill bacteria in our immune systems. And let's not forget turmeric, a key ingredient in most Indian dishes, which can help fight diseases and help treat acne.

In the video above, Toronto chef and founder of the city's famous Amaya restaurant chain Hemant Bhagwani dishes out 17 commonly mispronounced foods, including desserts, appetizers and main curry dishes.

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