10/14/2014 07:03 EDT | Updated 12/14/2014 05:59 EST

Orange-coloured water leaves Pointe-Claire residents fed-up

Pointe-Claire residents want action from the city after discovering the water flowing from their taps has an orange hue.

Some homeowners started noticing the rust-coloured water on Friday.

The city of Pointe-Claire says the discolouration is likely due to power fluctuations at its water treatment plant.

It says the water is safe to drink.

However, residents like Jade Drury say the city needs to do a better job of informing residents. 

Earlier this summer, the creek behind Drury's home was contaminated by fecal matter. She says this is the second time the city hasn't kept her informed about an environmental problem.

"We're not terribly comfortable with that information simply because we haven't been getting a lot of information from the city, and they don't seem to be cooperating with residents on the street," Drury said.

Drury says she has had to run her tap for an hour before the orange water begins to run clear.

"We unfortunately did have to cancel our Thanksgiving morning breakfast with family because we couldn't brew any coffee or wash any fruit or use our water at all."

Despite assurances from the city, other residents are skeptical that the water is safe.

"I don't do my laundry, and I don't drink from the tap," said Nevin Patience, a longtime resident of Pointe-Claire.  "It means getting some bottled water in for that particular occasion."

The city is working on fixing the problem, but a spokesperson said it doesn't have a date for when it will be fixed.