10/14/2014 09:34 EDT | Updated 12/14/2014 05:59 EST

Regina mayor Michael Fougere wins TD contest during Rider Game

The Saskatchewan Roughriders may have gotten smoked on Monday, but Regina Mayor Michael Fougere may soon be doing some smoking of his own.

Scores of Twitter users were watching the Montreal Alouettes eviscerate the Riders (final score 40-9) and many reacted in surprise and delight to see a televised ad noting that "Michael Fougere" of Regina had won a smoker — an appliance used to slow-cook meat.

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After Montreal's Duron Carter scored, the announcement appeared on TV screens around Canada.

And then the tweets began, with several noting the irony of the "Mayor of Riderville" winning a prize for an Alouettes' touchdown.

"It wasn't entirely a bad day for Sask. in Montreal yesterday! Congrats," John Himpe said in a tweet. 

Fougere, who had given Riders star receiver Weston Dressler the keys to the city earlier this month, later tweeted out his own response to Smoker-gate.

"I'd rather a Rider win than winning a smoker!" he said.

Meanwhile, getting his hands on the prize isn't a done deal yet. According to the contest announcement, there's still a skill-testing question to be answered.

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