This 40-Year-Old Vegan Rap Is The Catchiest Not-Eating-Animals Tune Ever

Forget what you think you know about vegans and get ready to gain a whole new respect for their lifestyle. Or at the very least, their song-writing abilities.

Toronto-based rap artist Chokeules has penned a tune to accompany any vegan feast — not to mention, provide the answers to some of the most annoying questions people who don't eat meat or dairy get asked all the time.

Including such catchy lines as "they call it rabbit food, just because I don't call a rabbit food," Chokeules lists off some of the vegan world's great achievements, including coconut bacon and cashew butter, all while hanging with the too-adorable-to-eat animals of Wishing Well Sanctuary is Bradford, Ont..

Care to sing along? Check out the video above.


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