10/15/2014 07:59 EDT | Updated 10/15/2014 09:59 EDT

Cat Sells Australian Home For $140,000 Over Asking (TWEET)

When Michael and Fran Perceval put their Melbourne home up for auction, their lovely cat Tiffany didn't just sweeten the deal.

She actually sold the house!

The Percevals had their five-bedroom home on the market for $2,060,000, The Herald Sun reported.

Tiffany had been present for a number of tours in the home, sitting on the couch and letting prospective buyers pet her.

Fran joked to realtor Glen Coutinho that they ought to just include the cat in a deal.

But a bidder took that joke seriously, offering $2.2 million — $140,000 over the asking price — if Tiffany came with the house.

"Fran and I were sitting on the couch going, 'you're joking' ... but no he got the contract, and it was handwritten in," Michael told Network Ten Australia.

Their 19-year-old son Sam, who bought Tiffany from a pet store, reportedly isn't happy with the idea.

But Fran has a simple solution: "We're thinking we'll put $20,000 in a pile next to the cat and say to Sam: you choose," she told the Herald Sun.

The family was criticized for handing the cat over in a home sale, with one letter to the editor saying, "These people would probably sell their kid if offered enough," according to The Evening Standard.

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