10/15/2014 06:23 EDT | Updated 10/15/2014 06:59 EDT

Lululemon Opens In Buffalo, Offends Buffalo Sports Fans (TWEET)

It's hard enough to cheer for sports teams in Buffalo; it's worse when Lululemon reminds people of their failures.

The yogawear giant revealed the following mosaic in its new store at the city's Walden Galleria mall:

"Wide right" is a reference to Buffalo Bills kicker Scott Norwood missing a field goal attempt that would have seen the team triumph over the New York Giants in Super Bowl XXV.

"No goal," meanwhile, is a quote by ex-Sabres coach Lindy Ruff in response to a controversial marker by Brett Hull which saw the Dallas Stars win the Stanley Cup in 1999.

Store manager Pamela Palmieri said the mosaic was never meant to insult Buffalo, "It was meant as a rallying cry," she told The Buffalo News.

The company likes to tailor store features to the communities they're located in; it came up with the mosaic after researching the Buffalo market for two years.

This latest gaffe comes amid company efforts to move on from some of its worst PR moments last year. One of them saw company founder Chip Wilson saying "some women's bodies" don't work with its clothes.

Maybe Buffalo residents could write "Some Women's Bodies" on a mural outside the store. That might "rally" the company.

In any case, the store has covered the mosaic and is working on a new one. A sign was also posted in its entrance saying, "We hear you Buffalo."

And Lululemon was having such a good year!

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