10/15/2014 06:07 EDT | Updated 12/15/2014 05:59 EST

'Ultra Rich Asian Girls' in Vancouver trailer released on YouTube

Move over the Real Housewives of Vancouver, the city'sUltra Rich Asian Girls are about to hit town.

The latest Vancouver reality TV concept follows Flo.z, Chelsea, Coco Paris and Joy as they worry about how to stay beautifully coiffed while shopping 'til they drop.

"I think women today are very independent and they have a lot of opportunities," Flo.z says in the trailer released Wednesday.

"And we look amazing while doing it," says Joy.

The series is described by production company HBIC TV as following the daughters of affluent, Mandarin- speaking Chinese Canadians living in Vancouver.

"They are young independent women starting their life and careers with the newest Hermes Birken bags and YSL shoes while vying for the status of #HBIC 'Hot Bitch in Charge'."