10/16/2014 03:42 EDT | Updated 10/16/2014 04:59 EDT

Calgary Recycling Coming To Apartments And Condos

Zing Images via Getty Images

Soon everyone in Calgary will have the option to recycle at home.

It's not that people are incapable or non-compliant, but for years the city has not enforced mandatory recycling to condo and apartment dwellers.

That will change Feb. 1, 2016.

Recycling bins and pickup services must be offered at all multi-family dwellings by that date, as well as private contractors to haul the recyclables, the Utilities and Corporate Services Committee voted Wednesday.

Dave Griffiths, the city’s director of waste and recycling, told the Calgary Sun approximately one-third of all multi-family buildings currently have recycling programs.

But a city report from earlier this year estimates that of the 30,000 tonnes of recyclable materials produced by multi-family dwellings, approximately 17,000 is sent to landfills.

“I wish we had rolled all of this stuff out faster,” Coun. Brian Pincott told Metro Calgary after Wednesday's vote.

“But, I guess better later than never.”

Council will be asked to approve the bylaw change later this month.


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