10/16/2014 02:58 EDT | Updated 12/16/2014 05:59 EST

Pierre Cardin and Jean-Marc Paquin to appear in Laval court on fraud charges

Two men will appear in Laval court today to face fraud charges in connection with an elaborate scheme, promising to help people avoid paying taxes.

Pierre Cardin, 59, of Montreal, and Jean-Marc Paquin, 44, of Laval, were arrested in Longueuil and Laval earlier today.

Quebec provincial police say the scheme was linked to the Freeman ideology, which encourages people to reject all political and judicial authority.

According to the Sûreté du Québec, the suspects held free information sessions at which they allegedly told people how they could avoid paying their taxes or debts to the government.

Police say once hooked, people had to pay large sums of money to the suspects, only to find out the whole plan was a scam.

The SQ say over 100 people were bilked of more than $10 million.

Revenue Canada is also involved in the investigation relating to this alleged fraud scheme.

Police say they have heard testimony from 23 victims, however, they say that’s just a fraction of the people they believe fell prey to the suspects.

They're asking members of the public who may have been victims to contact them at 1-800-659-4264.