10/17/2014 07:43 EDT | Updated 12/17/2014 05:59 EST

Knowlton House on the move

The oldest building in the village of Knowlton was on the move.

The 200-year-old Paul Holland Knowlton House made a one-and-a-half kilometre journey down the main street to its new resting place.

There has been talk for many years to demolish the structure, which was the original home of the founder of the village.

The house has been sitting on property which now belongs to the local golf course, and the debate on what to do with the building has been heated.

Now, it will be completely restored and remain an important part of the local heritage as an exhibit in a local museum. 

"It will be as it was then.. It will become home of an exhibit towards the United Empire Loyalists and towards Mr. Knowlton," said Judith Duncanson is one of the people in the community who has been fighting to save the house.​

Retired architect David Kininmonth says the house is in good condition and extremely well built.

"It's the only one we have in this area of this type of construction," said Kininmonth.

The Paul Holland Knowlton House was transported by truck to its new site Friday and will be placed on its new foundation at the Brome County Historical Society on Monday.

"We've been at this for four years to try and preserve this house," said Duncanson.