10/18/2014 08:46 EDT | Updated 12/18/2014 05:59 EST

Drake airballs 3-point shot, memes ensue

Aware that Drake is a Global Ambassador of Basketball for the Toronto Raptors, a multimillion dollar recording artist (unconfirmed), and a big fan of the Wildcats, the University of Kentucky invited him to participate in a team warmup. 

Drake participated in the warmup on Friday. He tried to do the natural thing when one is holding a basketball, and took a jump shot. The results were mixed, at best. 

This event happens countless times on countless courts, ruining the days of weekend warriors and pros alike. Most suffer the airball indignity in silence. But because it is Drake, and Drake is so good at Drake things, it started another round of Memes About Drake. 

Drake seemed fine about it, though, which will be good in the long run for his self-esteem. 

Still, Drake has yet to confirm that he indeed has skills comparable to three-point phenom Steph Curry, which he claimed in a song entitled “0 to 100/The Catch Up.” Despite the miss, he will likely continue his duties as Basketball Friendship Ambassador (International Division) for the Toronto Raptors.