10/19/2014 02:35 EDT | Updated 10/19/2014 02:59 EDT

GoPro Footage Shows What It's Like To Get Eaten By A Grizzly Bear

Have you ever wondered what it looks like to be eaten by a bear? Thanks to a poor GoPro camera, we now have a pretty good idea.

John Kitchin, a wildlife filmmaker and photographer in B.C., uploaded footage showing a curious (but mostly hungry) grizzly bear chowing down on his GoPro. The clip was shot near Glendale Cove at Knight Inlet in southern B.C., according to Vancity Buzz.

Kitchin was interviewing Melanie Clapham, a bear biologist, when the bear approached his GoPro, which was stationed on a wooden bridge above him.

The animal first knocked over the camera before proceeding to chomp on it. Watch the awesome footage in the video above.

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