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17 Reasons Why Norman Reedus Is A Total Stud

Last night's episode of "The Walking Dead" only reminded us that Daryl Dixon a.k.a. Norman Reedus is a total hottie. But it's basically a known fact that the actor is even more studly off-screen.

See the evidence below:

Look at how good he looks in a vest and tie

Honestly, we could look at his mug all day

We'll never get tired of his omnipresent sunglasses

Even when they look kinda silly cause no one else is wearing them

He dated supermodel Helena Christensen, who is hot in her own right

Um, they were the hottest couple ever

He wore this for a Gap ad


Sweet. Jesus.

He sold the sh-- out of a linen suit at H&M

He's a pro at taking hot sweaty selfies


7000 degrees out here

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He looks so beautiful in Prada

Just look at him laying on the floor like he's a king

That look, though

We could go on about him all day

Face it: Norman's a sexy beast and y'all have to get over it


More Norman goodness:

Norman Reedus
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