Good Habits: 10 Things You Can Do Each Morning To Feel Awesome

Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, the manner in which you start your day goes a long way to determining its overall quality. That being said, there are surefire ways to make sure you start your morning the right way, every day. Here’s a quick list to get you started.

Good Habits: 10 Things You Can Do Each Morning To Feel Awesome

1. Set your clock 5 to 10 minutes early

Here’s a helpful tip for anything in life; it’s better to be early than late. Punctuality goes far, and presenting yourself as a reliable professional is always a great indicator of character.

2. Drink a whole glass of water

Start your day with a refreshing glass of water. Water hydrates your body to keep you going throughout the day, and alerts your digestive system so it can get moving before the first meal of your day. With that said…

3. Don’t skip breakfast

You might be tempted to cut down a meal just so you can have a bit of extra prep time, but remember that skipping breakfast won’t give your body the proper amount of calories it needs to function. Whether it is a fruit, a morning coffee or a slice of toast, feed your body.

4. Unplug

Half of you are probably reading this from your smartphone. We are living in a world that is always connected. Disconnect yourself from it in the morning and give yourself time. Step away from the social media circle of life to allow yourself some solid alone time after you wake.

5. Get moving

Get up and on your feet instead of hitting the snooze button. Do a quick stretch, go for a run, or try to copy an Internet fitness guru’s kickboxing moves from your bedroom; it doesn’t matter what you do. Just get yourself moving and the blood flowing!

6. Prepare the night before

Lay out your clothes for your next day the night before instead of scrambling for matching socks in the morning. Prepare your school bag or work bag so that you only need to carry it out with you when you leave your house. Make sure any special items (lucky pen, iPod, etc.) are packed away; it’s easiest to leave the small items behind.

7. Make a morning soundtrack

This one is quite possibly the most fun step (but keep reading, of course) — everyone can build their own playlist and set your alarm to wake you up to it. Continue the playlist on your commute to work; it’ll keep you sane in traffic jams, and you get to practice your karaoke skills. Just try not to mind the other people around you, who may silently begrudge you for being so happy-go-lucky in the morning.

8. Be informed

It doesn’t matter how you get your information, whether it be from a book, the newspaper, a blog, or an online article. Read the news and stay informed about the world around you. Work is important and daily life can get tiring, but it never hurts to educate yourself once in a while.

9. Brown bag your lunch or coffee

This one’s a double whammy. It saves you money and allows yourself to pack healthy alternatives to eating out all the time. Plus, you get to try out different morning foods like pancakes and eggs. Every meal or cup of joe might not seem too expensive at the time, but all the pennies and cents add up to a hefty sum. Think about a bunch of other things you could do with that money! (Candy, candy, and more candy.)

10. Remember: you’re in control

You know that you’re going to have one of those awful days when you wake up in the morning. Instead of immediately becoming an all-day-downer, think positively! The way you look at your mornings have a huge impact on how you’re going to go about the rest of your day; don’t let the little things get to you, and see how the day progresses for you.