10/21/2014 07:46 EDT | Updated 12/21/2014 05:59 EST

Crickets on the menu at Ontario insect farm

An unusual farm outside of Toronto is touting the nutritional value of insects. Darren Goldin of Next Millennium Farms in Campbellford, Ont, started breeding crickets for reptile feed -- and then he learned they're good for people too. He's since bred about 30 million of them. 

Insects are relatively common food elsewhere in the world and, according to a recent UN report could be the answer to food sustainability. 

At Millennium Farms they're baked at low heat for two hours and then ground into flour. 

"It takes a change in mind for westerners to think of this as food," said Goldin. 

But, he adds, "I haven't had one person who said 'Eww gross.'"