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Doug Ford Gets Punked Hard In Extra-Awkward Photo

Is there anything more awkward than not even realizing that someone is mercilessly mocking you?

That was exactly the situation Monday when Doug Ford posed for this photo with Michael Dunbar Jr., a man who has spent the Toronto mayoral campaign skewering Ford for his overuse of the word "folks" and his fondness for "subways, subways, subways."

Dunbar Jr. (almost certainly not his real name) grabbed the photo while Ford was out campaigning Monday.

While he Dunbar Jr. insists to the media that he is a fervent Ford supporter, it's pretty clear he's exactly the opposite.

At a mayoral debate Monday, he distributed his trademark "folks" buttons to oblivious Ford supporters who failed to realize they were part of a joke.

Earlier this month, Dunbar Jr. explained to the The National Post the mystical nature of his affection for Ford and his favourite words.

"The word folks brings me closer to a transcendental-like state of Nirvana,” he told the newspaper. “Along with 'subways, subways, subways,' it’s this almost yogic-like chant that seems to resonate with all and cause a renewed sense of tranquility."

Satire doesn't get much sweeter.

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