10/21/2014 02:27 EDT | Updated 12/21/2014 05:59 EST

Kirk LaPointe promises subway, counterflow lanes, more buses in Vancouver

Vancouver mayoral candidate Kirk LaPointe says his rival Gregor Robertson just doesn't understand that some people have to use their cars to get around.

In a statement announcing his party's traffic platform for the November civic election Tuesday, LaPointe promised to "ease our city’s gridlock and get back to allowing different types of transit to co-exist peacefully rather than be at war with each other.”

To do that an NPA government will introduce counterflow lanes (like those on the Lions Gate Bridge) for major arterial routes; build an "affordable"  Broadway subway; increase capacity immediately on the 99 B-line bus route; and promote safe bikeways "that have community backing".

"Gregor Robertson has had six years to take action on the Broadway subway” said LaPointe in the statement. “His failure has allowed Surrey to become the number one rapid transit priority in Metro Vancouver."