10/21/2014 08:55 EDT | Updated 12/21/2014 05:59 EST

Olivia Chow Says 'The Real John Tory Is A Conservative'

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Olivia Chow argues that a vote for John Tory is a vote for a leader of the same political stripe that has run Toronto for the past four years.

"If you want to replace one conservative mayor with another conservative, vote John Tory," she said Tuesday, when speaking with reporters outside the Ontario legislature.

"But if you want someone that will see a real change of direction, a real investment in people, I am your candidate for mayor."

Chow drew several parallels between Tory and the administration led by Mayor Rob Ford.

She said that Tory has been talking about finding efficiencies within the city "like Rob Ford last time," a philosophy that she said led to cuts over the past four years.

While on the campaign trail, Chow said Tory has mirrored "the toxic transport rhetoric of the Fords," something she said is seen in his opposition to the Eglinton Connects plan.

Chow also pointed to Tory's record as the leader of the Ontario PC party, highlighting a comment he once made about a provincial budget being too "Toronto-centric" as just one example.

"His proven track record has been terrible and he was the leader of the party of Mike Harris and Tim Hudak," she said.

It's a message Chow has been sending out to voters while out on the campaign trail in recent days.

"There is no reason to replace a Tory with another Tory," Chow said Monday, as part of an answer to a question about whether she would end her campaign due to her third-place position in the polls.

Tory previously served as the leader of the Ontario PC party, but stepped down from that role in 2009.

Chow and Tory are two of the most high-profile candidates seeking to become the city's next mayor.

They'll be participating in a debate this morning, along with Doug Ford, who is running for mayor in place of his ailing brother, at the Toronto Congress Centre.

The election is just six days away.


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