10/21/2014 03:53 EDT | Updated 10/21/2014 04:59 EDT

Paula Abdul Wants You To 'Check Yourself' For Breast Cancer In Fun, Dance-Filled Music Video

"I want to talk to all the ladies in the world about breast cancer," sings Paula Abdul in her dance-filled new music video "Check Yourself."

Pegged to Breast Cancer Awareness Month as part of an Avon Foundation for Women campaign, Abdul's new throwback pop jam reminds women of the importance of self exams and looking out for risk factors and even instructs them how to do it properly. Oh, and that middle-age woman who looks a little like Paula is her breast cancer survivor sister Wendy Emkin.

“Singing and dancing are my passions. I am thrilled and inspired to have had the opportunity to apply these passions to create a new music video in support of the breast cancer awareness cause, and the new global #CheckYourself for Breast Cancer campaign is very personal for me," said Paula Abdul in a statement.

"My sister Wendy was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000. As a breast cancer survivor and champion for the cause, she inspires me every day. My hope is that this new video will inspire women and men to take charge of their own breast health through screening, detection, and treatment."

So remember to protect your health and ch-ch-check yourself.

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