10/21/2014 11:41 EDT | Updated 10/22/2014 12:59 EDT

12-Year-Old Girl Gives Stephen Harper A Piece Of Her Mind

This girl has a bone to pick with Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

In a video uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday, 12-year-old Tori Metcalf delivers a one-minute message eviscerating Harper’s reluctance to launch an inquiry into the country’s missing and murdered aboriginal women.

“Last week, I heard you would protect the rights of girls – but how can we really believe you?” she asks.

“On TV, all I hear about is the murdered First Nations girls and that you’re not doing anything about it. Some of those girls were the same age as me,” she says.

“Something’s not right, Mr. Harper.”

Metcalf made reference to a statement Harper made on Oct. 11 to mark the International Day of the Girl Child, pledging his government’s commitment to “giving girls a strong foundation to succeed in life by promoting equality, education and good health in a safe, secure environment.”

But the pre-teen doesn’t think the prime minister’s words match his actions and called Harper out on cutting funding to groups “that have been helping girls.”

“Why the heck would you do that?” Metcalf continues in the video, “All they were trying to do was trying to make our lives a little better.”

The video is part of a social media campaign launched by Operation Maple, an anti-Harper site dedicated to critiquing “the current power structures, reimagine the political landscape, and reignite the passion of other concerned citizens,” according a description on their website.

Other social media campaigns have also tried to advance calls for a national inquiry.

In September, Holly Jerrett of Hamilton, Ont. launched a campaign showcasing women holding signs reading “Am I Next?” to honour and raise awareness about Canada’s missing and murdered aboriginal women.

According to the RCMP, around 1,180 cases of missing or murdered aboriginal women have been reported since 1980.

This summer, Harper brushed off renewed calls for a national inquiry, saying the cases should be viewed as “crime” and not a “sociological phenomenon.”

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