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Good Samaritan's Social Media Plea Reunites Him With Beloved Coat

Courtesy Roy Abraham

A recent Vancouver post on Craigslist by a Good Samaritan seemed almost too sincere to be true.

After lending his jacket to a drunk girl and letting her sleep on his couch, Roy Abraham put out a social media plea to reunite him with the coat, which held a lot of sentimental value. And within 24 hours, it had worked.

It all started when Abraham and his friends noticed the girl asleep at a bus stop in East Vancouver at around 2 a.m. on Sunday, according to the Craigslist ad, which has since been removed. (You can see a screenshot of it on Imgur.)

Abraham lent the woman his big red jacket and went to grab her some water. When he returned, she was getting into a stranger's car.

Worried for her safety, Abraham and his two female friends got into the car as well, and told the driver he would have to take them all. When the driver refused, the group convinced the woman to get out of the car and crash at Abraham's apartment, where one of the friends was also staying.

The woman fell asleep in Abraham's jacket — and left the next morning still wearing it.

Hoping she was perhaps a friend of a friend, Abraham wrote the Craigslist ad and posted it on his Facebook in the hopes of getting his coat back, he told The Huffington Post B.C. in an email.

Fondly referred to as "The Beast," the jacket has belonged to Abraham for years and has travelled with him to over 40 countries.

The Craigslist post spread like wildfire after being posted to Reddit.

"I received dozens of messages from people for support — from well wishers, to offering me money, to a new coat, to helping me find work," said Abraham, who has a background in IT support but is "in between jobs at the moment."

When Abraham returned home on Monday, "The Beast" was sitting on his porch. There was no note attached, which Abraham suspects is because the woman likely wanted to remain anonymous after all of this media attention.

As for Abraham, he's just thrilled to have "The Beast" back.

"It was really unexpected," he said. "But also a reminder that social media does actually make us more connected when used right."

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