10/23/2014 08:40 EDT | Updated 12/23/2014 05:59 EST

Michael Zehaf Bibeau Had Connection To Calgary, But No Criminal Record

CALGARY - Police in Calgary say a man responsible for the fatal shooting of a soldier on Parliament Hill has no criminal record in the city.

Michael Zehaf Bibeau was gunned down Thursday after going on an armed rampage and killing Cpl. Nathan Cirillio, a Canadian soldier who was standing guard at the National War Memorial.

At a news conference Thursday, RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson said the shooter was born in Montreal, had lived in Calgary and dwelled most recently in Vancouver.

"In respect to Calgary, we say that he lived in Calgary because his criminal record outside of the national security world took place in Calgary,” said Paulson.

But Calgary Police Chief Rick Hanson said there is no indication that Zehaf Bibeau was involved in any criminal activities while he was in the city. The only offence he had was a $138 photo radar ticket issued to him in Edmonton in August.

"We are looking into the background of the individual but for sure we know that he has no criminal background in Calgary. He has no criminal record from Calgary," said Hanson.

"We are continuing to look to see what, if any connections, he may have had within the community itself."

Hanson said the address attached to the vehicle Bibeau was driving was the Islamic Centre of Calgary.

"We want to interview folks there and find out if he is known to them and what that relationship may be. We will be interviewing a number of people just to determine what if any relationship he had with individuals in Calgary," Hanson said.

Hanson planned to meet with Muslim organizations Friday and said investigators will be reaching out to sources it has within the Muslim community to see if anyone knows or recognizes him.

"He would have had a very low profile because there's been nothing that would have put him on our radar screen and certainly it appears that he wasn't significant on the RCMP radar as well as far as national security files go," Hanson said.

Several radicalized young people from Calgary have been identified as fighting for the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. Hanson said it's likely there are more waiting in the wings.

"In this day and age a person would have to be immensely naive to think that somehow any city, any town in the country is innoculated against this particular risk."

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