10/23/2014 10:55 EDT | Updated 10/24/2014 11:59 EDT

11 Offensive Halloween Costumes You Really Shouldn't Touch

Just because you can, it doesn't mean you should.

It's solid advice, yet so many don't heed it when it comes to Halloween.

Every year, people dream up ever more offensive costumes designed to shock, provoke and make sick minds chuckle.

In 2013, we saw costumes of Trayvon Martin, an Asiana Airlines pilot and — shudder — a Boston Marathon victim.

And this year, we're sad to say, isn't looking much better.

Here are some offensive costumes that you definitely shouldn't wear this Halloween.

Ray Rice


Adrian Peterson

(Allegations of child abuse with a switch are no laughing matter.)

Indigenous Person

(No, you shouldn't dress like this — not at music festivals, and not anywhere else.)

Genie in the Lamp

(Not particularly topical, and not the most offensive on this list, but still terrible.)

Rob Ford

(This seemed like a fun idea a few months ago. But since the mayor was diagnosed with cancer, it's best to leave it on the shelf.)

Joan Rivers

(Truth be told, Joan might have laughed at this idea herself. But given her death and its disturbing circumstances, it's best to not bother.)

Bloodied Cheerleader

(We'd love to meet the person who thought this was a good idea. Actually, no, we wouldn't.)

Ferguson Police Officer

(Dressing up as SWAT is generally OK. Dressing up as SWAT from Ferguson is not.)

Amanda Bynes

(As a smart tweet once said, mental illness is not a spectator sport.)

Anna Rexia

(This costume seems to keep coming back despite efforts to ban it.)

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