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RCMP Video Shows Gunman Run Into Parliament

The RCMP has released dramatic video that shows Michael Zehaf Bibeau approaching Parliament Hill, hijacking a car and then running into Parliament.

The security footage was shown at a news conference Thursday and indicates there there were Mounties close on the gunman's heels as he rushed up the stairs and into Parliament. The footage immediately follows Zehaf Bibeau shooting and killing Cpl. Nathan Cirillo in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, according to the RCMP

Security cameras tracked the suspect as he abandoned a car on the street in front of Parliament Hill and ran up the side drive carrying a 30-30, lever-action Winchester rifle. He hijacked a cabinet minister's car to drive a few dozen metres to the front door of the Centre Block.

Paulson said the man was met with gunfire from Commons security at the door. The video showed two Mounties chasing him as he forced his way in.

The Ottawa Citizen reports that the car Zehaf Bibeau hijacked is registered to Western Economic Diversification Minister Michelle Rempel. Rempel's driver Nicholas Mamo fled the car, according to the paper.

Here is the official timeline of events released by the RCMP:

- Witnesses interviewed by Ottawa Police Services reported seeing the shooter, at around 9:50 coming from behind the War Memorial on the West side where he fires twice at Reservist Nathan Cirillo.

- The shooter is positioned on an angle behind the victim where they cannot see him coming (as they are facing south). The shooter fires one shot at the second guard, but he missed him. Witnesses heard the suspect yelling something in English and then running towards the north.

- The investigation revealed that he used the beige vehicle and headed to Wellington.

- The first calls received via 911 were around 09:52:36

- From the National War Memorial the suspect drove North on Wellington Street and parked his vehicle at 9:52:23 in front of the Elgin entrance.

- He accessed the grounds of Parliament Hill at 9:52:31 on foot and started running toward East Block where MP vehicles were parked.

- At 9:53:16, video footage shows the suspect overtook one of these vehicles and drove toward Center Block.

- At 9:53:37, he immobilized the vehicle on the left side of the Peace Tower and started running toward the main doors of Center Block. At that time, RCMP vehicles on site chased the suspect to the entrance of Center Block.

- The suspect entered Center Block at 9:53:46, seconds before the RCMP officers that were chasing him were able to reach the doors.

- It took approximately 1 minute and 23 seconds between the time the suspect parked the beige car and entered Center Block

Once inside Centre Block, the suspect engaged in a fire exchange with the House of Commons Security and RCMP officers. The exact details of this exchange are still under investigation. We need to recognize the courage of all officers involved in this fluid and dangerous situation.

- The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

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