10/23/2014 07:50 EDT | Updated 10/27/2014 04:59 EDT

Sexy Halloween Costumes: Watch What Happens When Men Try Them On (VIDEO)

By now we've seen sexy versions of just about every possible costume for Halloween, but there's something about seeing them on full grown men that makes us cringe.

In the video above, Buzzfeed asked several men to try on popular "sexy" Halloween costumes for women, featuring everything from a sexualized lady bug to a firefighter with a corset, and a sexy nun. Yes, a sexy nun.

Although this is mostly a few minutes of ridiculousness, it's also a good reminder about how women's costumes (and even little girls' Halloween costumes), are overly sexual during Halloween -- you'd never see a sexy bug costume for a man.

Men, don't try this at home!

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