10/24/2014 12:16 EDT | Updated 10/24/2014 12:59 EDT

Scott McGillivray, 'Income Property' Host, Finds Stray Kitten, Melts Our Hearts (VIDEO)


Kittens are adorable enough, but when it's a stray kitten, and when it's discovered by a hunky TV show host, the cuteness factor goes off the charts.

That exact thing happened to "Income Property" host Scott McGillivray, who posted the above video to his Facebook page on October 22. The TV personality claims that he was shooting his show and happened across the tiny grey-and-white kitten -- who was such a charming little fuzzball that McGillivray had to stop filming for a cuddle session.

Brace yourselves. It'll make you want to nuzzle kittens too.

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