10/25/2014 12:47 EDT | Updated 12/25/2014 05:59 EST

John Tory releases donor list

John Tory released his donor list in the final weekend before Toronto's mayoral election and touted nearly $2.5 million in funds.

More than 5,000 donors have given Tory a total of $2.48 million to date to support his efforts to become the city's next mayor, according to a statement from his campaign team.

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Tory's team will release an updated amount after the election.

One of his opponents, Olivia Chow, released her donor list last week. She said in a news release that she raised more than $1.7 million as of mid-day Oct. 21. Nearly 7,000 people contributed to her campaign.

At the time, she called for Tory and contender Doug Ford to release their donor lists.

"The donors list is very important because it shows who is behind each candidate," she said at the time.

At the time, Tory responded by saying that his campaign has raised more than $2 million to date and will be releasing his donor list ahead of election day. When Tory unsuccessfully ran for mayor in 2003, he released his donor list as well.

Ford previously indicated that he would release his donor list before election day. He has said that he has "the common people supporting" him.

Torontonians head to the polls on Monday. Advance voting closed last Sunday. Over six days, 161,147 voters cast their ballots between Oct. 14 and 19.

In the last mayoral election, in 2010, 77,391 advance poll ballots were cast.