10/25/2014 01:22 EDT | Updated 12/25/2014 05:59 EST

PNE vent catches music lover trying to sneak into concert

Rescue crews were called to the Pacific Coliseum around 2 a.m. PT Saturday when a PNE staffer leaving his job heard a faint call for help.

Stafford Richter says he was on his way to the parking lot when he heard a faint, "help me, help me."

"And I was like ah...this is weird. So I walked around in the trees and I heard the sound coming from like the corner of the building," he said. "And he was like saying, "help me, help me, get help, get help, but don’t call the cops. I need help."

Richter said he thought the man was trapped on the roof and wondered why he didn't want the police. He says he had no idea he was actually about five metres down the vent.

Rescue crews used a power saw to cut the vent and pull him to safety. He wasn't injured, but he does have some explaining to do.