10/26/2014 07:53 EDT | Updated 12/26/2014 05:59 EST

Bedford woman 'shocked' her mail key opens neighbour's mailbox

A Bedford, N.S., woman has questions for Canada Post after she discovered the keys for her new community mailbox open not only her own mailbox, but at least one of her neighbour's as well.

Earlier this week, Elizabeth Kwiecien sent her son out to pick up the mail. It was the family's first time fetching the mail from their new community mailbox, which replaces home delivery this week.

But Kwiecien's son accidentally opened up the wrong box and brought home a neighbour's mail instead.

"That's when I realized that our key opened up her mailbox as well as ours, so we put the lady’s mail back in her box and I tweeted CBC and Canada Post," Kwiecien said.

She has three keys to her new mailbox, and all three open both her mailbox and her neighbour's.

Kwiecien said she already let her neighbour know what happened.

"I told her and she was also very shocked and concerned and didn't like what was going on," Kwiecien said.

Pete Loucks, who lives in the same Bedford neighbourhood, is not happy about the key problem.

"It's a little outrageous, I think. I'd be concerned about it — I don't want not knowing who can get into my mail," he said.

But Canada Post spokesman John Hamilton downplayed the issue.

"One key out of 74,000. We will replace the lock if she calls customer service. We'll be right on that and take care of it so she can enjoy her community mailbox," Hamilton said.

Some Quebec residents have also reported similar problems with their new community mailboxes.