10/27/2014 11:59 EDT

Fast Food Calories: How Long Does It Take To Burn Then Off? (VIDEO)

You may want to reconsider eating that Big Mac for lunch, unless of course you feel like doing lunges for 57 minutes straight afterwards.

In a quiz-like video by Buzzfeed titled "You vs. Junk Food," the site goes through common fast food dishes from a variety of chains, and gives us the sad truth on how long it would take to burn each dish off. From burgers to burritos to even curly fries, the site pairs each fast food item with a simple exercise you can do at home.

And while we all know eating Big Macs and fries from fast food chains every single day isn't the best idea for our health or our waistlines, it is interesting to see how much exercise it takes to burn off foods you consume on a weekly basis. We also have a similar post on workouts to burn off other popular foods, including pop, bagels and chocolate.

So what does it take to burn off that drumstick? Watch the video above to find out.


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