10/27/2014 09:19 EDT | Updated 10/27/2014 11:59 EDT

Hazel McCallion Retires: 10 Things That Have Happened While She's Been Mayor

Hazel McCallion, 93, was first elected mayor of Mississauga, Ont. in 1978.

hazel mccallion

After 12 elections, she's finally retiring.

hazel mccallion

A lot's happened in the time she's spent in the mayor's chair. Like the Apple Macintosh.

The invention of the World Wide Web.

"O Canada" officially became our country's national anthem.

Quebec voted against secession.

quebec referendum 1995

The U.S. invaded Iraq.

operation desert storm


saddam statue 2003

The Berlin Wall fell...

berlin wall fall 1989

...And so did Communism.

moscow 1989

We put a robot on Mars...

mars pathfinder

And an astronaut serenaded us from space.

Through it all, Hazel was a constant...

hazel mccallion mississauga mayor

...Holding the mayor's seat with a firm grip on power.

hazel mccallion rob ford

Happy retirement, Hazel, and congratulations on a long tenure in office!

hazel mccallion gas plants

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