10/27/2014 06:04 EDT | Updated 10/27/2014 06:59 EDT

Jian Ghomeshi Mural Removed From CBC Headquarters (PHOTO)

CBC seems to have wasted no time wiping any trace of Jian Ghomeshi from its Toronto headquarters.

The following pictures were posted to Imgur Monday, showing walls where murals with Ghomeshi's face used to appear.

And then there were these images, tweeted on the same day.

The images appeared on the same day that lawyers for the now-former host of "Q" filed a lawsuit against the public broadcaster.

That suit came a day after Ghomeshi claimed he was fired from CBC over concerns about private sexual activities that he said were consensual.

The Toronto Star later published a story detailing abuse and harassment allegations against the former host by four different women, who want to remain anonymous.

Three of the women say he attacked them without their consent, while the fourth, a former CBC employee, says he harassed her in the workplace.

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