10/27/2014 08:39 EDT | Updated 12/27/2014 05:59 EST

Skateboarders want to share Montreal's roads

Some local skateboarders and elected officials say Montreal should allow skateboards on its streets.

Currently, anyone caught skateboarding on a road could face a fine ranging from $30 to $60 under the province’s Highway Safety Code.

The Vrai Changement pour Montréal party wants to change that.

It’s expected to table a motion before city council on Monday evening, to ask the City to support the introduction of mixed-use lanes during the next review of the Highway Safety Code.

According to the party, the mixed-use lanes would allow bicycles and other active modes of transportation to coexist safely on Montreal’s roads.

Montrealer David Bouthillier told CBC's Daybreak he's received several fines for skateboarding on city sidewalks. 

He said the City should allow skateboarding on roads and sidewalks.

“If we can make skateboarding [on the road] legal, it would be great. It’s a great way of getting around, it’s free and it’s safe.”